Welcome to the rebranded site!

Hey friends, fans, and anyone who’s stumbled upon this within this time of the year! Welcome to Super Ingat! formerly known as The Model Minority. For those familiar with the previous site (all 6 of you), The Model Minority was supposed to be a tongue in cheek title playing on the fact that I am an Asian American, who’s politics and beliefs do not fit at all with that label.  I began the website with the intention of creating political comics that responded to current events and happenings with the Trump administration. As it turns out, there was a horror story almost every week and I simply could not keep up. At the same time, I also began to grow more interested in personal comics, diary comics, and more, along with the political comics that drew me into web cartooning in the first place.

So instead I’ve created a new place (which is still a little under construction) for all of those interests with a title that had a personal touch.

For those who must know, “Super ingat!” is something that my mother would say to me whenever I would leave her and my father’s apartment , or what she would text me when I was out late, or leaving NYC for a time, etc. “Ingat” in Tagalog means “careful” or “be vigilant” and my mom would add “Super” at the beginning for emphasis and slight humor.

Hope you enjoy! And stay tuned for more!